As an organisation our role is to make Bayside a better place, we have a responsibility to establish quality assets and to provide or advocate for services which will deliver a better society, that is, serve public value in everything we do.

Council undertakes extensive research and consultation to understand its community and the external influences and environmental challenges it is facing. Increased understanding enables Council to prepare for change and make informed decisions on behalf of its community, ensuring service planning and delivery is informed by high quality information and evidence.

Have Your Say Bayside is part of our commitment to being a more accessible, transparent and responsive organisation. Making it easier for you to participate in and have your say on decisions affecting you and your community.

Through this site you can:

  • Share your views, comments and ideas
  • Ask questions and have them answered
  • View information on various Council projects
  • Have discussions with other people in the community
  • Stay informed on key projects and initiatives

This is one method that we use to ensure all decisions we make are evidence-based and are in line with community needs and aspirations.

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