Concept 5 - Seating and pathways in Concourse Green

over 1 year ago
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What do you think about Concept 5?

Concept includes:

  • New spaces to gather and socialise including a shelter
  • Enhance the green, natural character with additional planting and landscaping to encourage activity and play
  • Defined and natural paths will make it easier to use and walk through the Green


  • Creation of spaces within the reserve
  • New seating and gathering spaces
  • New path connections
  • ‘Playful’ elements
  • New shelter
  • Retain green character of the Reserve
  • Provides additional space for community use
  • Improves access


  • Reduction of lawn area
  • Change of some uses
  • Increased use, impact on habitat

Relates to Relates to document: Beaumaris Concourse Structure Plan

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jilloy over 1 year ago
This green space needs better maintenance of lawns and trees and better seating. There is no indication (i.e. through 'goat paths') that path connections are needed or would be used. Most people arrive here by car. The stepping stones are irrelevant. This space can be a beautiful introduction to the concourse if its maintenance is upgraded to high quality.
James Le Bas over 1 year ago
We also liked this plan to green up the West end (concept 5)and make it more usable. The concept 7 plans didn't seem to add much to the needs of the populace.
Roger Clark over 1 year ago
This again is a complete waste of money.I don't see any mention of how many hundreds of thousands of dollars this is going to cost. Pushing the council further into debt and increasing the interest repayments which we all end up paying through our rates.Making what appears to be a children's play area, e.g. stepping stones, between a busy road and a busy car park, doesn't seem to be very sensible.
Sally Dewis over 1 year ago
This green space presents a wonderful opportunity to set the tone for Beaumaris Concourse as a friendly community gathering and shopping space. At present it is untidy and under-utilised and does not present a good image for Beaumaris. There is a need for paths to provide access from one side to the other, mainly from the end where the traffic lights are to the North Concourse. Seating for eating and conversation with some shelter is also needed. Materials used need to be sympathetic to the 'natural' look of the environment, not concrete. Given the high percentage of dog owners in Bayside I would like to see a drinking fountain installed similar to one at William St Reserve that also provides a dog water bowl at the base which can be emptied for hygiene purposes. I would prefer to see seating in more than one area in this space, to allow for more flexibility if there is a large group.
crjr over 1 year ago
Like the idea of having a more usable spaces but please make that you relay the grass. The grass is completely dry in spring and summer. That shelter example is not attractive, this section should be the wow section of Beaumaris concourse
Neil Pogson over 1 year ago
I agree with extra seating and shade areas, but the footpaths are senseless. They go from nowhere to nowhere. The paths, if any, should be where they will be used by people. That says to me that one should end at the centre of the car park, especially if the centre walkway is enacted in the car park.Also the planting along the car parks are a waste of time. They require maintenance and will inevitably grow out and impinge on the cars parked there.
bill derham over 1 year ago
Great to see some defined pathways through the area. Anything that makes the area more appealing and user friendly. I agree with Kaye, that the area is currently way under utilised.
Kaye Giezen over 1 year ago
This area is so under utilized. Groupings of large slabs? For sitting & eating? Maybe a bit more space for different groups to enjoy their own space. Great spot for takeaway food patrons.
Stephen Gage over 1 year ago
Leave the Concourse alone it works just fine, spend the money on an extra court at the Beaumaris Secondary college or other sporting facilities
Dr Randyl GA Flynn over 1 year ago
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Dr Randyl GA Flynn over 1 year ago
A do not agree with any changes to the Concourse I view it as a waste of money Council should be using funds to reduce loans and use the interest money saved on reducing rates.
huffnpuff over 1 year ago
Looks to offer greatly improved amenity and thus attraction for a variety of users. BUT PLEASE ensure that upgrading the public toilet block is included in this plan.
Liz Helmerson over 1 year ago
I like this arrangement. Please be sure there are enough trees and shade along the pathways, especially where the benches are placed. Fewer trees than what is illustrated here would be unpleasant.
judithvee over 1 year ago
The only aspects of this suggested plan I find appealing are the new planting of trees (they are a precious commodity and rapidly disappearing from the area) and the "informal track/ stepping stones". I dislike intensely the contrived unnatural look of the plan. All that concrete ugh!
David Schmidtke over 1 year ago
Looks good!
sraverty over 1 year ago
On the whole I like it. The stepping stones in the south east corner could be a little less regular and more challenging, looks like a shortcut on the plan. There should be access from the car parking spaces to the path along the edge of the car park to encourage people not to walk down the centre of the car park where they cause problems for reversing cars. Consider angle parking in this car park as it is a lot easier for the aging population to use. I like the slabs of stone which can be used as tables as well as seating. That area is rather large so the ground surface needs to sympathetic to the area. What are the natural paths made of? How many trees will be removed to create the new area at the northern end? Trees will be needed to shade the seats and there are none shown on this plan that would achieve this.
AMatthews over 1 year ago
Would like to see some family friendly spaces not just shelter and informal seating where teenagers will gather.
missbobby over 1 year ago
Looks great. I would utilise this area more often if this was done. I don't go there as the chairs are uncomfortable and the space is not appealing.
Leesbar over 1 year ago
please consider location of benches to provide shaded seating in summer and sun in winter
Jim Campbell over 1 year ago
The Concourse Green is a poorly laid out and maintained asset that has been that way for far too long.The opportunity to place more seats and sail shading would improve what is being offered. Whatever form of plantings are being contemplated needs to consider the security of people following one of the footpaths at night and lighting in the Green needs to be given some consideration again for security and beautification at night